Business and Renewal

Since 1953, our family business has managed to carve out its place in the industry. Pharmalab is now a recognized developer and manufacturer of good quality, fairly priced natural, dietary, pharmaceutical products, renowned for its unmatched respect towards its clientele.  

The company is seeking to constantly innovate in terms of infrastructures and expertise, so as to provide excellent services to its clientele by ensuring ongoing improvement, reliability and performance.

Pharmalab’s success relies on its employees’ sense of belonging, professionalism, engagement, maximum effort and solidarity.

Much more than a laboratory, Pharmalab understands that what its clients mostly need is a strategic partner offering them innovative solutions to help increase their productivity, competitiveness and profitability.

Within an ongoing improvement process, Pharmalab remains a multi-generational family business focusing on high-quality services and building on the relationship of trust established with its clientele in all transparency. 

Did you know?

Pharmalab is involved in Lean manufacturing, a quality process seeking to eliminate all useless operations and waste, as well as to improve deadlines and pursue innovation. This process involves the entire company staff.

Such best practices are part of the company’s pledge towards performance and flexibility.

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Pharmalab is constantly looking for competent and enthusiastic people.

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